What is the Zimtu Column? A brief history

Zimtu Column

It’s might be a cliché, but in business, necessity really is the mother of invention. A desire for innovation and change is the cornerstone of many successful commercial ventures. That’s where the Zimtu column comes in.

During the first decade of the 21st century, when attending in-person trade shows and conventions, Zimtu’s in-booth branding and marketing featured circular fabric banners stretched over a stainless steel frame, one for each participating ZimtuADVANTAGE company. Each circular banner, examples of which can be seen below, stood on a base of two stainless steel ‘legs’ which made each even heavier.

Lugging them around to Vancouver-based events didn’t pose much of a problem. But flying them every March to Toronto for the PDAC or to Frankfurt for the annual Edelmetallmesse every November became a problem when the airlines started to complain (and charge) for excess baggage weight. What to do?

Being a thrifty and resourceful public company accountable to its shareholders, company president Dave Hodge knew he needed a better solution. Something both visually-compelling and light-weight.

Enter the Zimtu column, familiar to anyone who’s visited Zimtu’s Vancouver office on West Pender Street.

Measuring 8 feet tall, the Zimtu column is also immediately recognizable at industry events. Each features company branding and is lit from the inside, making them even more visible. Printed on a laminated plasticized paper, the column is effectively a free-standing hollow tube fastened with velcro strips attached along its long edges. The base and lighting for each Zimtu column was repurposed from a free-standing Ikea floor lamp featuring a collapsible stand.

A booth of 10 or 12 Zimtu columns can easily be set up or dismantled by a crew of three or four in about an hour. Laid out flat several columns can easily be rolled up and packed in a stout cardboard tube for travel at a fraction of the weight of a single circular banner and frame.



Hopefully sooner rather than later, Zimtu will resume attending in-person trade shows and resource conferences when it’s safe again to do so. When that opportunity presents itself again, and you should find yourself there, look for the Zimtu columns and drop by the booth to introduce yourself.

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