The New Zimtu Advantage App to Be Unveiled in Europe

Zimtu is excited to be back in Europe for the 6th annual Zimtu Roadtrip. This year the Zimtu Advantage App will be displayed at the show for the very first time.


Pictured above. John Kaiser and Dave Hodge with the Zimtu Advantage App.

With the resurgence of the Venture mining industry this year there has been a lift off in Volume for Cross-Listed stocks trading in both Canada and Germany. Many cross-listed stocks trading in these markets are seeing higher volumes coming from Germany, which if companies invest in attracting shareholders in this market can lead to having a big advantage for the company.


The Above graphic is a screenshot from the Zimtu Advantage app showing the trading volume in Canada and Germany for one of Zimtu Capitals equity holdings Commerce Resources Corp. The company has traded more shares in Germany over the past three months than it has in Canada. Many companies in the mining sector are in the same position. There is no question that Germany has evolved into a very important market for Mining companies seeking to raise capital and promote their businesses.


The Zimtu Advantage app helps to connect the German and Canadian stock markets. If you wish to sign up to the beta version please click the following link: Sign up to the beta version

After signing up access stock quotes for Zimtu Capitals equity holdings that are attending the Roadtrip in the category “Zimtu Roadtrip 2016”