Zimtu: Providing Value

This week’s Zimtu Investor Blog is a verbatim copy of Will Purcell’s ‘market summary’ about Zimtu Capital for Stockwatch’s Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for May 11, 2021. We are honoured that Mr. Purcell singled out Zimtu Capital for extra-special attention this week, in the context of providing timely information regarding equity holding and ZimtuADVANTAGE client Arctic Star Exploration (TSXv: ADD). Read on!

Diamond & Specialty Minerals Summary for May 11, 2021

2021-05-11 20:12 ET – Market Summary

by Will Purcell

David Hodge’s Zimtu Capital Corp. (ZC) lost 1.5 cents to 22.5 cents on 66,000 shares. The company went public 13 years ago as a holder of investments in the resource sector, but it has since fine-tuned its role to become a project generator and a promoter of other companies. (“Connecting opportunity and you,” its website screams — the connections coming from prospect generation and company creation and building. Indeed, what Mr. Hodge, president and chief executive officer, cheers as “Zimtu value” is purportedly created between the idea and IPO stages.)

Late last week, Mr. Hodge and his crew were applauding a client company, Patrick Power’s Arctic Star Exploration Corp. (ADD: $0.25), one far removed from either stage. Arctic Star has been around and exploring for diamonds since it completed its IPO 19 years ago and it has been champing at the bit to test its bright idea — drill non-magnetic targets as possible kimberlite targets — for nearly as long.

No matter: Mr. Hodge has had Mr. Power and his company on Zimtu’s dance card for over a decade, mainly as a provider of options covering mineral prospects. In 2010, Mr. Power was looking to escape — or at least diversify — from the moribund diamond sector, so he turned to Zimtu for options on three long since forgotten rare earth prospects in British Columbia. Mr. Power and Mr. Hodge never forgot each other, however, and last summer, with Arctic Star’s stock stuck like glue to the three-cent mark, the company enrolled in Zimtu’s “ZimtuAdvantage” promotional program.

The program offers services that “may include building financial networks, building business networks, shared costs with other public companies, building a social media presence, conference opportunities, media outlets and guidance, and special group pricing provided by Zimtu’s network of public company professionals.” The only clear benefit between then and now was a Zimtu purchase of 10.16 million Arctic Star shares at 2.5 cents late last summer — until now, that is.

Mr. Hodge and his Zimtu crew intend to break their silence in mid-May with a “Zimtu Zoom investor presentation” that will feature Mr. Power and his company. Zimtu has presumably been working behind the scenes and perhaps it played a role in Arctic Star’s stock zooming as high as 27.5 cents this month, but either way, Zimtu will be making a more public attempt at zooming Arctic Star’s profile higher, if not its stock price.

“I believe that Arctic Star is on the verge of making a major new diamond discovery in Canada’s Northwest Territories, heralding a resurgence in Canadian diamond exploration the likes of which have not been seen in Canada for at least a generation,” Mr. Hodge gushed, displaying the old-time enthusiasm of a fellow once known as “the Great Exaggerator” for his ability to puff up a molehill into a mountain. With Ekati and Diavik approaching the ends of their expected lifespans, Mr. Hodge concludes, “Arctic Star’s timing could not be better.”

It could have been much better, of course, had it come much earlier in Arctic Star’s lifespan, at a time when it had a much loftier share price and far fewer shares outstanding, but Mr. Power will eagerly take what he can get. What he already has is a series of three quick kimberlite discoveries at non-magnetic targets on the Diagras property, just east of Ekati and northeast of Diavik and, should the diamond counts impress as Mr. Power believes they will, Mr. Hodge’s enthusiasm may prove to be more fact than hope and hyperbole.

If you are interested to hear about Arctic Star’s latest exploration news from it’s Diagras Diamond Project in the Northwest Territories, RSVP here to our next Zoom with Zimtu Investor Presentation: https://event.zimtu.com