What is ZimtuADVANTAGE?

What is ZimtuADVANTAGE?

Did you know there are approximately 1000 TSX.v-listed junior mining companies in Canada? Gaining awareness should be a priority for all fledgling companies, and through Zimtu’s detailed ZimtuADVANTAGE program, companies can gain access to a wide range of traditional and digital marketing tools which give valuable exposure and build brand awareness.

Zimtu partners with early stage companies to devise a detailed and targeted marketing strategy to tell a company’s story to people who want to hear it,

In the past, Zimtu has enjoyed a very visible presence at tradeshows, conferences and any other mining/resource events. However, with those events sadly in the past (we still hope they come back!), Zimtu has shifted its strategy and doubled down on digital marketing.

ZimtuADVANTAGE partners benefit from a plethora of tools and strategies that Zimtu developed in order to take advantage of the digital world. One of the main driving forces of the program are our ‘Zoom with Zimtu’ events.

‘Zoom with Zimtu’ is our take on the classic investor presentation, but as the name said, they’re held completely virtually over Zoom.

Investors from all over the world are invited to attend our events, and often over 500 participants RSVP! Thank-you to everyone who has joined us to date.

Company CEOs and Directors are often joined by lead geologists to help present exciting new opportunities with their companies and where they are headed. This is always followed up by a lengthy discussion period where attendees are encouraged to ask questions live. This is what makes this event so unique, as you are able to talk directly to the leaders of public companies and get a feeling for the people involved in these projects. This dovetails with our mantra that people buy stock from people.

ZimtuADVANTAGE partners also get access to Zimtu Connect, which is our exclusive network of over 5000 investors and company stakeholders. We then distribute important company information to this list on a weekly basis to make sure we’re always top of mind. This is a highly targeted list and our network grows everyday.

In addition, we offer a full video production service whereby Zimtu will produce video news releases for your companies to become more engaging with potential investors.

While we have only touched on what the ZimtuADVANTAGE program offers you can already understand why our partners are excited about the move to a digital space.

For more information about all the we offer, please visit the ZimtuADVANTAGE page where you can learn more details about this exciting new initiative.