News That Sticks – Video News Release

Video News Release

There’s no question about it, video rules. In a world that moves fast, people (or investors) want to consume information that is convenient, informative and engaging. That’s the reason why video is exploding on social media in 2020. Introducing the Video News Release (VNR).

A VNR is a short, scripted video news story focused on a company announcement and is generally released in conjunction with a traditional press release.

They are a strong public relations tool, designed to spark additional investor attention around the announcement. They are the most effective way to generate buzz and disseminate company information in a quick and compelling way.

We’ve built an in-house studio, and equipped it with a high quality Sony a6600 digital camera, greenscreen, microphones, and full editing software.

How we differ from ‘traditional’ VNRs is who is in front of the camera, not an actor or a media professional as you might think, but instead we encourage a company’s CEO or President to present themselves. This helps establish a rapport with your investors and other stakeholders, in addition to enhancing company branding efforts.

Junior mining companies typically have geophysical news, and often it can be difficult to understand at first glance. This makes content easily consumable and drives home the key points of each release.

Past Releases

In one of our recent video news releases, James Walker of Ares Strategic Mining did a fantastic job at explaining how they discovered a large Fluorspar deposit and doubled their production capacity with this discovery.

Watch the VNR here:

Through our ZimtuADVANTAGE program, our partners get exclusive access to this exciting marketing opportunity and reap the benefits of presenting clear, engaging and easy to understand news in video form.

As an investor, Zimtu video news releases provide an exceptionally valuable way to learn more about our core equity holdings and the directions of the company.

Stay tuned for more video news releases, which can be found on our Media page.