SWMBRD Announces Commencement of Mass Production of Proprietary Swimboard, Appoints Russell A. Farrow Ltd. as Customs Broker and Engages MarketOne for Investor Relations

VANCOUVER, BC, December 14, 2022: SWMBRD Sports Inc. (CSE: SWIM) (“SWMBRD” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the commencement of mass production of its proprietary swimboard (the SWMBRD) at Tahe Outdoors, France, the Company’s OEM manufacturing partner.

On December 13, 2022, Tahe Outdoors informed the Company that the planned SWMBRD production line had been initialized. The production line produces boards using Tahe’s advanced ACE-TECH process, and utilizes both sets of custom built SWMBRD molds (please see the news release of March 29, 2022 https://swmbrd.com/press/news-releases/swmbrd-provides-update-on-manufacturing-preparations/).

ACE-TECH was selected by SWMBRD as the optimal method of producing a mass market version of the SWMBRD, incorporating the best aspects of a fiberglass board (lightness and performance) with a those of a high-quality plastic board (durability, speed of production and lower cost).

This important milestone marks the transition of the SWMBRD to a mass-producible retail consumer product. The Company anticipates commencing retail sales in February 2023.

SWMBRD President, Justin Schroenn commented, “We are very pleased to have arrived at this critical milestone in the story of SWMBRD – the realization of a dream born almost a decade ago. The founders would like to express their very deepest gratitude to all of the shareholders who have made this tremendous moment possible.”

Additionally, SWMBRD Sports Inc. is pleased to announce that that the Company has approved the appointment of Russell A. Farrow Limited (“Farrow”) as its North American Customs Broker (www.Farrow.com).

Farrow is Canada’s largest independently owned customs agent, with over 100 years of expertise in international trade. Farrow is able to provide all of the essential supply chain services required by SWMBRD as it prepares to commence retail sales of its proprietary swimboard (the SWMBRD) and related products in the Spring of 2023, including international shipping, customs brokerage, warehousing, and North American fulfillment services (Canada, USA & Mexico).

SWMBRD President, Justin Schroenn commented, “We are very pleased to have initiated our business relationship with Farrow. Farrow’s experience and expertise in managing supply chains will be an enormous asset in delivering our products from the factory door in France to the customer’s door anywhere in North America.”

The Company also entered into an agreement with Market One Media Group Inc. (“MarketOne”), pursuant to which MarketOne has agreed to provide investor relations services to the Company for a period of twelve months. The services will include, but not be limited to, development of online articles on BNN Bloomberg and Benzinga, broadcast commercials for online distribution on MarketOne Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, full length online interviews hosted on BNN Bloomberg Investment Trends Section and MarketOne YouTube, Live CEO and breaking news interviews on TraderTV YouTube channel, an all access virtual investor event, and industry insight and investor updates on Market One’s social media channels. In consideration for the services, the Company will pay MarketOne an aggregate amount of $85,000 (plus GST). MarketOne’s contact information is as follows:  #320, 440 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC  V6B 1L1, T: 604.428.2125, Veronika van Wollen at veronika@maketone.ca (Western Canada) and Steven Mills at steven@marketone.ca (Eastern Canada).

About SWMBRD Sports Inc. SWMBRD Sports Inc. is a Vancouver, B.C. based sporting goods company looking to enable millions to rethink their way of recreating in the water. Management believes that SWMBRD’s proprietary aquatic sports board, by virtue of its patented design, is revolutionary in how it empowers the human body in the water like nothing before, giving water lovers of all ages and abilities the freedom to explore all aquatic environments with ease. By offering an aquatic board sport that is versatile, easy to use, easy to store, and which can be used by all ages and body types in any body of water (rivers, oceans, lakes and pools), the Company believes SWMBRD and the sport of swimboarding has the potential to become one of the most popular board sports in the world, and a great aquatic brand. The Company has refined manufacturing techniques most relevant to the SWMBRD and has successfully produced demonstration fleets of fully functioning boards, which have been in rigorous real-world use in Hawaii, Canada and Greece. The Company has now commenced large scale mass production under an OEM agreement with Tahe Outdoors, Vannes, France – the preeminent board sport manufacturer in Europe.

For further information please contact:


Justin Schroenn – President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

E-mail: justin.schroenn@swmbrd.com

Telephone: 778-870-1497

Matthew Schroenn – Vice President and Director

E-mail: matthew.schroenn@swmbrd.com

Telephone: 604-375 4664

Gareth Schroenn – Vice President

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