Stephan Bogner From Rockstone Research

Here’s a short interview featuring Stephan Bogner from Rockstone Research:

Stephan Bogner lives in Switzerland and runs Rockstone Research which provides you with an in-depth analysis of mining companies, exploration projects, technology ventures and the trends of the industry.

How did Rockstone Research come into existence?

I started my career by writing research papers and newsletters about the mining industry. In 2011, I started my brand and my website: Since then I’m running the website and analyzing companies.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

About five years ago, I moved from downtown Zurich to Stein am Rhein. It is in Switzerland and about 45 minutes to the north of Zurich. Now I live in a very small beautiful town. My house is right beside the river called the Rhine. It connects to the Bodensee, a very large lake at the border between Germany and Switzerland. The river is right at my doorsteps here and the lake is about 10 minutes from here. The town Stein am Rhein translates into rock or stone at the Rhine. It’s a perfect place for me because I love everything about water. I love sports like swimming, wakeboarding or water skiing.

Also, I’m currently working towards my boat driver’s license. I hope to be able to pass the test in a few months, so I can rent or buy a boat in the future when my stocks perform well. It would be fun to take my family, my wife and friends on the boat to cruise the lake and rivers. I also have two small Pomeranians called Mochi and Mimi. They don’t like swimming that much but they have been on a boat before and they love it.

What part of research do you enjoy the most?

I just love the entire process of writing a new report. In the start, I have a blank page in front of myself with no clue on how the report will look like in the end.

Then, I start my research by reading and finding everything about the company, the project and the country; anything that might be worthwhile to mention in the report. I also look into their respective commodity space and how the company is active in its jurisdiction. I understand every aspect into my research to see what is most important for the reader to understand the the big picture and then when I start writing about the company and its projects, the pages start to fill more and more.

Its fun to see how the story unfolds in front of my eyes and it’s great to see an article evolve during the research and writing process. In the end when all the pieces come together and the report is finished, I look back and say wow that actually looks great I didn’t expect it and I love it.

Advice To New Investors

My advice sounds very simple: It’s just doing your research and taking your time to do that.” I know this might discourage some investors because they may think they don’t have that much time to do research but believe me it’s not only fun but it’s also worth it. Whenever you take your time to research and to dig deeper into any material, you will discover some really valuable information, new data or new reasons to invest or not to invest into a company. Every investor should love to do research and not to see it as a mandatory exercise but rather like a hobby or an as a fun activity.

Life is all about learning and you should never stop learning in life. It’s a lifelong job and the more we read, we talk and experience the better we become as investors. Maybe give a call to the company you want to invest in and speak to them. This will help you find out how they treat you even if you want to invest just a few bucks. Nobody really can do this for you. You have to find out yourself and decide on your own.

It requires a lot of research and experience to be successful in the stock market. It surely doesn’t come overnight, but that’s a blessing because the more you learn the better you become as investors. Of course, you need to be lucky when you pick stocks but also depends on your research. The more you research, the luckier you get. You might stumble over information that might be the missing key in making a profitable decision. The polish American film producer Samuel Goldwyn, once said ‘the harder I work the luckier I get’ and I truly believe in it.


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