Q&A with Jan Kneist, co-founder of the Edelmetallmesse!

Jan Kneist & Frank Hoffman are the co-founders of the Edelmetallmess conference in Munich Germany. Zimtu will be attending the 2022 show on November 4th and 5th.

1. Our readers in North America may not know you both, tell us a little about yourselves, especially how did you meet each other?

We have both been interested in precious metals for a long time. Frank originally comes from an engineering background, founded the website Goldseiten.de in 1999, a kind of Kitco in Germany. I come from the financial sector. Already more than 20 years ago the dangers of fiat money were discussed in some forums and so Frank and I met first virtually and then at a forum meeting in 2001. Later it developed into our cooperation.

2. Tell our readers how you started the Edelmetallmesse?

After working together for about a year, the idea was born. Germany is known for its many trade fairs, in a wide variety of industries. Through his website, he had the contacts with various experts, mints, dealers, bullion producers, banks, IR people, stock market letters, and I had my contacts with mining companies, to create a whole new type of event out of it, a precious metals fair. And that’s how it started in 2005 in Munich at the Olympia Park. There have been attempts to copy us ever since, but we remain the original and stick to our proven concept, which has worked well for precious metals even in difficult times.

3. What can exhibitors expect this year at the first in-person Edelmetallmesse since November 2019?

For two years our visitors were prevented from visiting a real trade fair, which could not take place due to political decisions. So now there is a lot of pent-up demand from our visitors, which will benefit our exhibitors. The concept remains unchanged, i.e. technical lectures, mine presentations and of course the exhibition of the companies in the MVG Museum.

4. Thinking of the markets, what gives you both optimism for the future?

There will always be markets that boom and markets that go down. Global money supply expansion is the fuel for a commodity bull market that still has plenty of room to run. Commodities cannot be replaced by paper money, and this very fiat money has reached its end phase. Something new will emerge, hopefully more farsightedly constructed.

2022 Zimtu Capital European Bus-Trip

Between 2011 and 2016 Zimtu Capital hosted an annual bus-trip to Europe each fall, with stops in Germany and Switzerland. Invitations were extended to ZimtuADVANTAGE companies and other public companies.

The bus trip featured investor meetings, arranged company presentations to retail investors, family offices and other institutional representatives, and provided networking and other business opportunities for participants at each stop, typically Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland, and Frankfurt and Munich in Germany.

Now Zimtu is currently planning for a 2022 European bus-trip, in late October and early November, which will coincide with the 2022 Edelemetallmesse in Munich, on Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th.

Contact Zimtu Capital if you wish to learn more about the bus-trip or if you are interested in attending.