Gratomic Announces Update on its Commitment to Upgrading J.S. Herero Primary School in Namibia

Toronto, ON. February 16, 2022, Gratomic Inc. (“Gratomic”, “GRAT” or the “Company”) (TSXV:GRAT) (OTCQX:CBULF) (FSE:CB82) is a dynamic exploration and mining company headquartered in Canada, with the Company’s flagship Aukam project located in the Karas Region in Southern Namibia. The Company is focused on low-cost mine to market high-quality carbon-neutral natural vein graphite.

Gratomic is a mining company which aims to contribute to the economic growth in the local communities where its multinational operations are located. The Company believes that education is the most important factor to any country’s economic growth, and in order to achieve economic growth through education, investment in the education of children is imperative. The children are the future leaders of the world’s nations, therefore, Gratomic intends to focus on positively shaping the future through education.

A large aspect of Gratomic’s Corporate Social Responsibility is giving back to the community, particularly through its commitment to education. Gratomic, together with the Kosis Town Council, has decided to select J.S. Herero Primary School as the beneficiary of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Namibia for 2022.

School Background

J.S. Herero is situated in Berseba Constituency, within the Karas region in Namibia. J.S Herero Primary School is a small school situated 12 km from the C14 road to Bethanie, in a settlement called Kosis. The Berseba Constituency is the most rural and humblest constituency in the Karas region. It is characterized by poverty and a high unemployment rate, which currently stands at 40% in that region.  The prolonged drought, which has plagued the region for the better part of 7 years, has worsened the socio-economic situation of the people due to a large constituency of farmers. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation for locals through increasing jobs losses due to record company closures.

J.S. Herero Primary School was named after Chief Relevant Jan Samuel Herero who is the founding father of Kosis settlement. The school first opened on August 17, 1984 and is now 38 years old. The school was originally constructed to accommodate 144 live-in students and was of very high-quality construction but has since suffered some neglect due to the economic situation in the region. J.S. Herero Primary School has been providing quality education to Namibian learners from Grade 0 to Grade 7.  The school currently has 225 learners, 9 teachers, 1 administrative officer and 3 support workers.

As a result of the regional economic situation, many parents and guardians are unable to provide school support and the necessary supplies for their children’s education. A large proportion of the school’s students experience difficulties in reading and they do not have the resources available to increase those skills because the school does not have a functional library. In addition to the lack of reading resources, the students’ learning environment is less than ideal.

The paint is peeling off, tiles and windows all over the facility are broken and the ceilings leak.  The school was built to comfortably accommodate 144 learners but currently houses 152 youths. The students share 4 blocks with 18 rooms in each block. 55 Junior primary (pre-primary-grade 3) learners are staying with their child care matron in a house of 4 rooms sharing 1 toilet because there isn’t enough space for them in the block.  The facility doesn’t have enough beds and mattresses and the Teachers’ accommodations are also problematic. The school only has access to one computer, which is used by both the students and staff alike. This is a monumental problem because the learners do not have full access to technology and staff are unable to attend to their work in an effective and efficient manner.

Gratomic has pledged 1 million Namibian dollars (CAD $82, 971) to the improvement of the educational environment at the J.S. Herero Primary School including facility renovation, stationery supply for the school and the learners and school uniforms for students most negatively impacted by the current economic situation.

Donation Breakdown:

  1. Construction of Additional Kitchen Facility

Gratomic aims to build a small kitchen with running water, which will include a wood stove and a gas stove, preparation counters, shelves, cupboards, and kitchen utensils.

  1. Sewage System Upgrades

Gratomic will remove the existing blockages and replace any damaged plumbing at the facility

  1. Roofing Upgrades

Gratomic will repair or replace all roof and ceiling areas where damage caused by leakage is evident.

  1. Structural Updates

Gratomic will repair and repaint all damaged walls inside and outside.

Gratomic will replace all broken windows and will replace all broken and damaged tiles.

  1. Main Kitchen Upgrades

Gratomic will repair all the affected areas in the main facility kitchen including replacement of tiles, washing basins, taps and toilet system.

  1. Restroom Upgrades

Gratomic will replace broken washing basins, faucets, and the toilet systems throughout the facility.

  1. School Uniforms and Stationary Support

Gratomic will purchase school uniforms, books, textbooks, and other school related stationeries for the affected children currently attending school at J.S. Herero.

  1. Facility Stationary Support

Gratomic will also purchase a printer and stationary supplies required to improving the children’s education at the school.

Gratomic believes that this donation will have a positive impact on the education of students at the J.S. Herero Primary school in Southern Namibia. The Company strongly believes in education and in giving back to the community by investing in the education of children and local economies.

About Gratomic

Gratomic is a multinational company with projects in Namibia, Brazil, and Canada. The Company is focused on becoming a leading global graphite supplier and aims to secure a strong position in the EV battery supply chain. With the continued development of its flagship Aukam project and further exploration on the Company’s Capim Grosso property, Gratomic sets itself apart by seeking out unique top-quality assets around the world. True to its roots, the Company will continue to explore graphite opportunities displaying potential for development.

Large quantities of high-quality vein graphite have been shipped for testing to confirm its viability as an anode material. Gratomic is confident that the test results will provide a unique competitive advantage in its desired target markets. The Company will continue to update the public on the status of these tests and will provide results as soon as they become available.

The Company has formed a collaboration agreement with Forge Nano. With its patented ALD coating, this cooperation with Forge Nano is a key element to support Gratomic’s strategies towards the value-added phases of production of graphite for anode applications, namely micronization, spheronization and coating, making Gratomic graphite a preferred choice for use in lithium-ion batteries.

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