Golden Triangle BC: A Hidden Treasure

The Golden Triangle of British Columbia (BC) is a region that is known for its promise of mineral wealth, primarily Gold. Nestled amidst the rugged mountains and pristine rivers, this area holds a geological promise that has attracted explorers, miners, and investors for over a century. The landscape here is not just visually stunning but under its rocky façade, lies a treasure trove of minerals.

The geological features of the Golden Triangle are as diverse as they are rich. The region is known for its vast deposits of gold, silver, and copper, but that’s just scratching the surface. The unique geological formation of the area, characterized by a complex network of faults and folds, is a result of tectonic activities over millions of years. The Stikine Terrane, which forms a significant part of the Golden Triangle, hosts numerous mineral deposits, showcasing an intricate geological tapestry that narrates the earth’s ancient tales.

Significance in the Mining Industry

The mining industry reveres the Golden Triangle for its mineral-rich land. The area has been a focal point for mining exploration and operations, with its promise of gold leading to a mini gold rush in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, the region still holds a significant position in the mining industry, with modern exploration techniques unveiling new potentials every day. The riches hidden beneath the tough land of the Golden Triangle not only show its geological importance but also the economic potential for companies within it.

Notable Mines and Their Contributions

Several mines within the Golden Triangle have made indelible marks on the mining industry. The Eskay Creek Mine, discovered in 1988, was once known as the world’s highest-grade gold mine. The Red Chris Mine, a significant producer of copper and gold, further shows the Golden Triangle has great potential that far exceeds just Gold. Moreover, the past-producing Snip Mine contributed a considerable amount of gold during its operational years. These mines, among others, represent the enduring legacy and the ongoing potential of mining in the Golden Triangle. Each exploration project and mining operation continues to unveil a little more of the hidden treasures that lie beneath the picturesque landscapes of this remarkable region.

The Golden Triangle continues to be a hub of geological interest, revealing its treasures slowly over time, and promising much more to those willing to delve into its depths. The confluence of history, geology, and modern exploration techniques makes this region a living canvas of the mining narrative, painting a picture full of potential and excitement for the future.

Recent advances in geological research have refined our understanding of the Golden Triangle, particularly around the Stikine Terrane. This improved classification has unveiled diverse mineral resources beyond gold and copper, such as silver and zinc, attracting increased interest from mining companies and investors. This evolving knowledge of the Golden Triangles’ relation with the Stikane Terrane provides a more accurate understanding of what the area looks like today.

Mining Projects located within the Stikane Terrane, Core Assets Corp.

Historical Significance

The Golden Triangle’s history is as complex as its geology. It’s a mix of nature’s wealth, human efforts, and the timeless attraction of valuable metals. Throughout history, people came here seeking fortune, adding to the story of a land filled with minerals.

Gold Rush Era

The tale of the Golden Triangle is incomplete without a nod to the iconic Gold Rush era. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, news of gold discoveries sent a wave of prospectors and miners to the rugged terrains of British Columbia. This influx played a significant role in shaping the region’s socio-economic landscape. Towns sprang up around mining camps, trade routes were established, and a community of fortune seekers began calling this place home. The allure of gold not only shaped the demographics but also set a robust foundation for the mining culture that thrives to this day.

The Story of the Golden Triangle in British Columbia, Visual Capitalist


Evolution of Mining

As the pages of time turned, so did the evolution of mining in the Golden Triangle. From the rudimentary tools of early prospectors to the sophisticated machinery employed today, the journey has been remarkable. This evolution reflects a broader narrative of technological advancements, evolving regulatory frameworks, and a growing understanding of sustainable practices. The exploration and extraction processes have become more refined, efficient, and environmentally considerate. Furthermore, the knowledge accumulated over decades has fostered better practices, ensuring that the Golden Triangle’s mining legacy is not just about the past, but also a promising future.

The Story of the Golden Triangle in British Columbia, Visual Capitalist

Modern Exploration and Mining

The tale of the Golden Triangle unfolds further as we step into the modern era. The advancements in technology and the accumulation of geological knowledge have unlocked new horizons in exploration and mining. Today, the region stands as a testament to how the combination of science, technology, and natural wealth can spawn a realm of possibilities.

Recent Discoveries and Ongoing Projects

The heartbeat of modern exploration resonates through the numerous projects and discoveries dotting the Golden Triangle. With the aid of advanced geological mapping, seismic surveys, and drilling technologies, explorers have been able to delve deeper and with more precision. Recent discoveries continue to fuel the excitement around the Golden Triangle’s mineral wealth, promising a bright future for the mining community. Notable projects like the Premier Gold Project and the KSM Project underscore the region’s continuous allure and the potential for uncovering significant mineral deposits. As well, new discoveries such as Core Assets Porphyry-skarn-crd discovery holding high-grade Ag-Zn-Pb-Cu-Au recently being discovered in 2021.

Core Assets Blue Property Map, Core Assets Corp

Economic Impact on the Local Communities and BC

The ripple effects of modern mining extend beyond the mines and into the local communities and the broader BC economy. The mining sector provides employment, stimulates local businesses, and contributes significantly to the provincial revenue. Moreover, partnerships with local communities ensure a share of the benefits flow directly to the people who call this region home. The economic narrative of the Golden Triangle is one of growth, community engagement, and a symbiotic relationship between the land and its inhabitants.

The Global Context

Internationally renowned for its mineral richness, the Golden Triangle has become a global hotspot for precious metal exploration. Its geological diversity, ranging from gold to silver, has attracted mining companies and investors from around the world. The region’s track record of substantial mineral discoveries has solidified its reputation as a prime destination for those seeking to unearth valuable resources.

Compared to many mining regions worldwide, the Golden Triangle offers a uniquely favorable environment for mining operations and investments. Its well-established infrastructure, including roads, ports, and power sources, facilitates efficient resource extraction. Additionally, British Columbia’s stable political climate and supportive regulatory framework create an attractive landscape for mining companies to operate and thrive.

The Story of the Golden Triangle in British Columbia, Visual Capitalist

The Golden Triangle’s significance extends beyond resource extraction. It fosters a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration with international stakeholders in the mining industry. Researchers, experts, and professionals from around the world converge here to share insights, best practices, and technological advancements. This exchange of ideas not only benefits the local mining community but also contributes to the global pool of mining expertise.

The Golden Triangle plays a pivotal role in putting British Columbia on the global mining map. Its robust mining industry, economic impact, and commitment to sustainability serve as a shining example of responsible resource development. This not only elevates the province’s reputation but also attracts investment and expertise, further solidifying British Columbia’s place as an up-and-coming region in the global mining sector.

Future Prospects: Exploring Undiscovered Commodities

One of the most exciting aspects of the Golden Triangle is the potential for finding previously undiscovered mineral deposits. Geologists and mining experts are constantly refining their techniques and knowledge, allowing them to peer deeper into the earth’s crust and identify new targets for exploration. This relentless pursuit of discovery has already led to the identification of promising zones rich in copper, zinc, and other base metals.

What makes the Golden Triangle so compelling for exploration is the presence of a complex geological history, characterized by the collision of tectonic plates. This geological uproar has created a diverse range of mineralization opportunities, from traditional precious metals like Gold to critical minerals like rare earth elements, which are essential for modern technology and clean energy production.

Core Assets Corp.

Amidst this excitement for the Golden Triangle’s future prospects, companies like Core Assets Corp. are taking center stage. Core Assets Corp.’s significant asset, the Blue Property in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, houses two promising projects: the Laverdiere Skarn-Porphyry Project and the Silver Lime CRD-Porphyry Project. The Laverdiere Project is rich in high-grade Fe-Cu-Au skarn and Cu-Mo-bearing porphyry, while the Silver Lime Project holds high-grade Ag-Zn-Pb-Cu-Au massive sulphide exposures. The unique geological setting, particularly the presence of a Carbonate Replacement Deposit (CRD) in the Silver Lime Project, marks a lucrative opportunity for mineral extraction. The property’s strategic location along the mineral-rich Llewellyn Fault Zone further augments its potential, positioning Core Assets Corp. for a major discovery, driven by the rich diversity of commodities in their projects.

Core Assets CRD Discovery, Core Assets Corp.

The Blue Property stands out due to its high-grade commodities, especially showcased in the Silver Lime CRD-Porphyry Project. The CRD nature of this project contributes to the high grades of silver, zinc, lead, copper, and gold present. In fact, one of the CRD targets within Silver Lime was found to grade 1,115g/t Ag (36 oz/t), 20.8% Zn+Pb, and 1.09% Cu, displaying the remarkable mineral wealth of the property. Furthermore, recent drilling in 2023 at Silver Lime continues to extend zones of strong silver-zinc-lead mineralization, affirming the project’s high-grade mineral potential and ample opportunities for further exploration and development.

Core Assets Corp.’s unique geology and high-grade findings at the Blue Property make it an exciting prospect in the Golden Triangle, hinting at the area’s untapped mineral potential.


Reflecting on the Golden Treasures

The Golden Triangle is more than a mining hub. It’s a blend of history, modern exploration, and natural beauty. Its story is not just for miners or investors but for anyone drawn to discovery and opportunity.  Here, old mining tales meet today’s endeavors for the next big mineral discovery. The region beckons us to explore its riches, learn from its past, and contribute to a promising, sustainable future. It invites us to be part of a legacy moving from a glorious past toward a bright tomorrow.


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