The Zimtu Family Expands

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Did you know that Fairleigh Dickinson University is the largest private university in New Jersey, with satellite campuses in Wroxton, Oxfordshire, England and Vancouver?

According to the university’s Mission Statement, “The University strives to provide students with the multi-disciplinary, intercultural, and ethical understandings necessary to participate, lead, and prosper in the global marketplace of ideas, commerce, and culture.”

So what’s the connection to Zimtu you are no doubt wondering? Last month three international students from FDU, Bhupinder Sunner, Kunal Singh, and Rajinder Singh began a three-month work practicum at Zimtu Capital, with the stated aim of gaining 300 hours of work experience assisting the company with investor relations, sales, and digital marketing projects.

All three are presently enrolled in FDU’s Master of Administrative Science (MAS) program, with a specialty in Global Leadership & Administration. This is a rigorous 2 year program featuring “case studies, simulations, individual and group exercises, and fieldwork that helps to develop critical managerial effectiveness.”

Bhupinder, who considers himself an explorer at heart, was born and raised in the Municipality of Paniqui, Luzon in the Philippines. Raj is a self-professed “IT geek and a lover of learning” who travelled his way through New Zealand before coming to study in Vancouver. He’s originally from Chandigarh, India which serves as the capital of the two adjoining states of Punjab and Haryana. Kunal, who hails from Patiala, in southeastern Punjab, India comes from a family of small business owners in the retail and commercial construction and construction materials sector. To him appreciating business basics is fundamental for success.

Bhupinder Singh FDU

Bhupinder Sunner, Investor Relations

Describing his studies at FDU, Kunal notes that it is “strengthening my critical thinking mindset, which is necessary for today.  Zimtu is helping in advancing it further, with experience of Dave and other staff members.” Bhupinder adds that he’s learning how to better enhance his leadership skills and build strategic partnerships. Raj’s desire to gain competitive advantage in business led him to enroll in the MAS program at Fairleigh Dickinson.

Kunal Singh FDU

Kunal Singh, Investor Relations

So why did they chose to study in Vancouver? All three agree they were drawn to the region’s favorable weather and climate, cultural diversity, and economic opportunities. Perhaps Raj puts it best, observing “I love what the city has to offer in terms of lifestyle. It reminds me of the rivers and valleys and the trees in various colors that I would only picture on magazine covers. It has been a dream come true, and I feel honored to be a part of the culture here.”

Rajinder Singh FDU

Rajinder Singh, Investor Relations

We’d like to welcome Bhupinder, Kunal, and Raj to the Zimtu Capital family, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!