Exploring NevGold’s (TSX.V: NAU) Gold and Copper Projects in Idaho & Nevada

NevGold Corp (TSX.V: NAU) was established to focus on exploration and development of gold and copper resources in the western United States, particularly in Nevada and Idaho. The company’s leadership team has extensive experience in mining, with a strategic focus on developing advanced-stage projects that show significant potential for growth.

NevGold’s projects include several key assets, such as the Nutmeg Mountain Gold Project in Idaho and the Zeus Copper Project in the Hercules Copper Trend.

The Nutmeg Mountain Gold Project’s proximity to the Carlin Trend suggests the potential for strong gold resource growth. The Zeus Copper Project in Idaho’s Hercules Copper Trend adds diversification to NevGold’s portfolio, expanding its focus to copper exploration.

NevGold’s dual focus on gold and copper aligns with current trends in the mining industry where demand for both metals, especially copper, is expected to grow. The company’s plans for extensive field programs and 3D modeling demonstrate a commitment to exploring and developing these assets.

Zeus Copper Project

NevGold recently announced the acquisition of 20 square kilometers of prime territory from Hercules Silver Corp. (TSX.V: BIG) in Idaho’s emerging Hercules Copper Trend. This new property, named “Zeus,” is strategically located just 20 km from Hercules’ major copper porphyry discovery in Washington County. NevGold’s acquisition comes just after Barrick Gold Corp.’s significant $30 million investment in Hercules.

The Zeus Copper Project encompasses some of the most promising ground within the Hercules Copper Trend, showing geological similarities to the Hercules discovery itself. With a rich history of copper production and comprehensive geological mapping, the Zeus project area, also known as the “Mineral District,” presents new opportunities for copper exploration.

NevGold’s ongoing work program has already identified signs of copper mineralization and porphyry copper alteration during their staking efforts in recent months.

Zeus Project Location and Hercules Copper Trend


The Zeus Copper Project is located 120 km northwest of Boise, Idaho and 40 km northwest of NevGold’s Nutmeg Mountain gold project. The recent Hercules copper porphyry discovery is 20 km northeast of Zeus. The area has strong road, water, and power infrastructure with numerous sources of power and water nearby, and a large network of access roads leading to the Project.

Zeus Copper Project Staking

Geological Significance

The Hercules Copper Trend, located in the Blue Mountain Province, is analogous to the Stikine and Quesnel terranes in British Columbia. These terranes are known for their continental-scale trends of significant porphyry copper deposits, hosting major mines like Highland Valley, Red Chris, and Mt. Milligan, as well as large deposits like Galore Creek. The discovery of the Hercules copper porphyry marks the first large-scale copper porphyry found in western Idaho.

Cordillera Porphyry Copper Terrane including the Hercules Project and NevGold‘s Zeus and Nutmeg Mountain Projects in Idaho

Exploration Plans

NevGold plans an active exploration program at Zeus beginning in 2024. This program would include:

  • Geological database review;
  • Geological mapping;
  • Comprehensive surface geochemical sampling;
  • Geophysics such as magnetics, gravity, EM, CSAMT, or IP; and,
  • Drill testing copper targets identified by the above activities.

NevGold CEO, Brandon Bonifacio, comments: “We are very pleased with how positive the results have been from our upfront geological work on the newly staked Zeus Copper Project. Due to our strong presence in Washington County, Idaho with our Nutmeg Mountain gold project, our team had a robust understanding of the regional geology which we were able to leverage in the identification of the Zeus Project as the next best copper porphyry target on the trend alongside the Hercules Project.

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NevGold’s Gold Projects

NevGold has several gold projects in Nevada and Idaho, with a focus on advanced-stage exploration and development. One of its prominent gold assets is the Nutmeg Mountain Gold Project in Idaho. This project demonstrates significant gold resource potential and has favorable geological conditions.

The company also has projects like Limo Butte, Cedar Wash, and Ptarmigan, which offer further opportunities for exploration and development.

NevGold Corp

NevGold’s Gold Projects

Limo Butte Project

The Limo Butte Project is one of NevGold’s key gold projects in Nevada. The area has a history of gold mining and shows significant potential for high-grade gold deposits. NevGold has been conducting extensive drilling and geological assessments, with initial results indicating promising mineralization. The project’s strategic location and geological characteristics contribute to its importance in NevGold’s portfolio. With ongoing exploration and development activities, the Limo Butte Project could play a central role in NevGold’s growth strategy and future success.

Nutmeg Mountain Project

Nutmeg Mountain is one of NevGold’s key gold projects in Idaho. In January 2023, NevGold executed the 100% acquisition of the Nutmeg Mountain Project. The area is known for its high-grade gold potential and has a history of successful mining activities.

Nutmeg is located in an historic mining area and encompasses a near-surface, low-sulphidation epithermal gold deposit. The area has been explored for gold starting in 1980 with geological mapping, geochemical and geophysical surveying, several metallurgical bulk samples, and 934 historical drillholes with an aggregate length of over 70,000 meters.

NevGold has been exploring Nutmeg Mountain with a focus on uncovering new mineral resources, notable for its 1,724 hectares and potential for high-grade feeder systems at depth. It has 210 federal unpatented lode mining claims, 12 patented claims, and 2 leases of private land.

Historical drilling at the Project focused on defining the disseminated gold mineralization that starts at surface. This drilling was nearly all vertical and averaged less than 75 meters depth. The potential for high-grade feeder systems at depth remains virtually untested. Until Nevgold’s 2023 drill program, the last drilling at the project had occurred in 2012.

The Nutmeg Mountain Project

2023 Mineral Resource Estimate

Nutmeg Mountain Development Plans

NevGold has comprehensive plans for advancing the Project in 2024. These include:

  • Continued drilling new targets with the objective of expanding the mineral resource laterally and at depth;
  • Targeting the high-grade feeder system typically seen in low-sulphidation epithermal deposits; the high-grade feeder system has not been tested by prior operators with average historical drillhole depth to approximately 75 meters, and is an exceptional exploration target;
  • Detailed metallurgical program to characterize variances in the deposit metallurgy and determine optimal recovery process for the future Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA);
  • Gather other information in preparation for commencing a PEA;
  • Permitting to allow for baseline environmental surveys to commence.

NevGold’s Management Team

NevGold’s leadership team consists of experienced professionals in mining and resource exploration. Their combined expertise drives the company’s exploration efforts, contributing to successful project development and strategic decision-making.

  • Brandon Bonifacio, President & CEO: Brandon is a mining executive with expertise in project development, mergers and acquisitions, and project evaluations with over 10 years of experience. He was the Finance Director of the Norte Abierto Joint Venture (Cerro Casale/Caspiche) in the Maricunga Region, Chile, and a member of the corporate development team at Goldcorp Inc. (now Newmont Corp.)
  • Bob McKnight, Executive VP & CFO: Bob is a mining executive with over 40 years of relevant experience in the mining industry. He has been directly involved in over $1.5 billion in project debt, equity, stream, and M&A transactions. As Executive VP and CFO of Nevada Copper Corp., Bob has participated in the arrangement over $500 million in debt, equity, and metal stream financings for the Pumpkin Hollow Project. He holds a P.Eng., B.Sc., and MBA.
  • Derick Unger, VP Exploration: Derick is a geologist with over a decade of experience leading exploration teams in the discovery of gold and silver deposits. His prior experience includes serving as Chief Geologist for NuLegacy Gold Corp., where he led the exploration team at NuLegacy’s Red Hill project in Nevada. Under his leadership, the NuLegacy team discovered the Serena zone, the highest-grade Carlin-type gold zone recognized at Red Hill and the Vio zone, a previously unidentified low-sulfidation epithermal gold-silver deposit.

Future Outlook for NevGold Corp.

NevGold’s future looks promising, with a robust portfolio of gold and copper projects in Nevada and Idaho. The company’s recent acquisition of the Zeus Copper Project expands its focus from gold to include copper, a strategic move given copper’s increasing demand in renewable energy and electric vehicle industries. With its upcoming field programs, NevGold aims to uncover additional resources and bolster its exploration capabilities.

The Nutmeg Mountain Gold Project in Idaho, with its potential for strong gold resource growth, adds to NevGold’s bright outlook. By strategically positioning its projects in mining-friendly regions, along with the Zeus Copper Project, NevGold benefits from stable political environments and well-developed infrastructure.


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