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Aeonian is an aspirational exploration company whose goal is to make discoveries whilst leading through change. As society demands more accountability in mineral sourcing and we move towards reconciliation with First Nations and Indigenous groups, we recognize that the old exploration model has to change. We are creating a new model of transparent, science-driven, environmentally conscious early stage mineral exploration and hope to inspire change within our own industry and the public eye.

Our methods will create a project pipeline that have solid footings in ethical resource management for future development and resource supply.

Offering Terms

One common share at a price of $0.05 + warrant @ $0.10 1st year, $0.25 2nd year.

Company Description

Aeonian Resources is an aspirational exploration company whose goal is to make discoveries whilst leading through change. The company is cultivating a portfolio of grass roots projects across British Columbia with a varied mineral inventory. Aeonian’s flagship project is the Koocanusa Project, a drill-ready sedimentary copper and epithermal gold deposit closely located to Cranbrook, B.C. Field work undertaken in 2020 suggests the presence of several potential copper horizons hosted in sandstone units dipping 10-45 degrees that would have been missed by historic exploration and drilling methods. Aeonian is reviewing all related historical data, academic papers and economic assessments of similar projects to build a new interpretive model. This coupled with advances in technology, broad geochemical sampling and detailed mapping is increasing the understanding – and the potential – of Koocanusa.

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