SWMBRD Sports Financing Information

The Opportunity

  • Revolutionary new product in a massive outdoor recreation industry.

  • Pre-production boards being tested & promoted.

  • Partnerships with leading resorts & clubs. 

Offering Terms

$0.05 for 1 common share + 1 warrant at $0.06 for 5 years.

Company Description

SWMBRD Sports (CSE: SWIM), is a Vancouver, B.C. based sporting goods company looking to enable millions to
rethink their way of recreating in the water. Management believes that SWMBRD’s proprietary aquatic sports board, by
virtue of its patented design, is revolutionary in how it empowers the human body in the water like nothing before, giving
water lovers of all ages and abilities the freedom to explore all aquatic environments with ease. 

Company Website


Learn More

Email Justin Schroenn justin.schroenn@swmbrd.com or fill in the form below to learn more about getting involved.

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