Here’s a short interview featuring Steve Mynott, Director of Eagle Bay Resources.


Director of Eagle Bay Resources

Tell our readers a little about the director of Eagle Bay Resources, Who are you? Where are you from?

I was born and raised in North Vancouver. I grew up playing hockey throughout all of BC and Canada. After finishing my hockey career I began my career in the stock market mainly focused on public companies in the mining industry. Thanks to the relationships built through my hockey career, and various different relationships built over the years, it benefitted me in a very big way in the stock market. I have always had a passion for people, and building relationships, networking is something that has always been a big part of my life.

Vancouver is home for me, in my spare time, I love to hike, and do various water sports, and Vancouver is the place where you can do both. I love the mountains and the ocean and in Vancouver, you can get the best of both worlds. When I am not working I enjoy spending a lot of time with various charities throughout the lower mainland and giving back as much as I can to the community.

In your mind, what makes Eagle Bay’s Cap Property such a compelling discovery project?

Eagle bay couldn’t be coming forward at a better time in my mind. With the demand for rare earth and niobium being where it is, large companies and institutions around the globe, are looking for more resources. This is where the amount of property that Eagle Bay has, is a huge asset for us to be able to do exploration and discovery and have those resources to support the rare earth and niobium market. The future as we have heard has been based around electric vehicles, and without rare earth elements, they are not possible to make. Not only have we stamped long-term work for Eagle Bay, but we have the resources that everyone is looking for, and we couldn’t be more excited to be moving Eagle Bay public at this time.

What motivates you for personal and professional success?

It is always an interesting puzzle to balance work and personal life. In my personal life, I am excited to wake up in the mornings and see what the day has in store. I always like to try and improve, and I like to surround myself with like-minded individuals who are going to push me to be better than what I was yesterday. If you want to go fast in life, go alone, if you want to go far go together. I can find motivation in anything I look at, it just all depends on how you are looking at something. Transferring that from my personal life to my professional life can be one and the same. Professionally, I have always had a competitive side to me, and I will always shoot for the moon, if you miss, the worst that happens is you hit the stars. I am always willing to learn, I am always willing to take suggestions and I believe that is a real key point to success is to keep that open mind, and not be afraid to take those risks. High risk, high reward, and if you are not learning something new each and every day, then life can be quite boring. I love the industry I work in, I am always looking forward to the next conversation, or the next relationship being built and putting together successful companies and teams.

About Eagle Bay Resources

Eagle Bay Resources Corp. is a privately-held, early-stage exploration company focused on exploring and developing the Cap Property, which is believed to be prospective for rare earth elements and niobium. The Cap Property is located 85 km NE of Prince George, B.C. and comprises 21 mineral tenures covering 10,428 ha. Some reconnaissance has occurred previously on the property, including sample collection, a flown airborne geophysical survey, and some limited drilling. Exploration highlights to date include three rock samples yielding 0.24% TREO and 0.77% Nb2O5 (sample 120957), 0.39% TREO and 0.04% Nb2O5 (sample 120961), and 0.21% TREO and 0.96% Nb2O5 (sample 120964), respectively. Drill hole CAP17-004 yielded 0.35% Nb2O5 across 10.42 m, including 0.63% Nb2O5 across 2.26 m; 19.63 m of 9.94% P2O5, including 20.97% P2O5 over 2.55 m; and 2.4 m of 0.81% TREO. The company is intending to become publicly traded in the near term.

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