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The Zimtu business model is focused on two primary aspects:

1) Company Building

Zimtu actively builds new mineral exploration companies and through the control over this process, our investors gain access to a portion of the market that is not normally available to them ( pre-IPO and seed-level financings ).

2) Project Generation

Finding and evaluating new mineral property acquisitions as well as honing in on commodity-specific opportunities is a big part of what we do. This process gives advantage to our shareholders by expanding exposure to a diverse range of commodities located in many different jurisdictions.

Our goal is to mitigate risk in the otherwise high-risk sector of mineral exploration investments. The Zimtu team has sector-specific experience and provides the resources, contacts, and access to capital that is required to successfully navigate the public markets. Further, by focusing on early-stage investment opportunities, investment risk is reduced.

Figure: Zimtu Capital Value Creation

Experience has shown us that persistence and commitment are the foundation of every successful growth strategy. We take a long-term approach with our investments. Through significant investments in select companies with well thought-out growth plans, Zimtu works to build long term value.

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